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4 months ago

S3E52 - Favorite Things: "The Power of Public Parks"

"It's the glue that holds community together -- I would argue it holds democracy together. Yes, parks provide fun, respite, and peace, but I think at their best, they really underpin what's needed to build strong communities."

Whether you get outside today or over the next few weeks, we want to remind you about the power of Memphis’ public parks. Jen Andrews (Shelby Farms Park Conservancy), Tina Sullivan (Overton Park Conservancy), and Carol Coletta (Memphis River Parks Partnership) bring their passion to the studio as they discuss their love of Memphis, parks and each other. Their enthusiasm and work ethic make our city a more beautiful place to live, work and play.

Since this episode aired, there have been a lot of new developments in their work, but the sentiment remains the same— our city’s outdoor spaces are unique and essential to the vibrant place we all call home.

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